Drupal agencies in London and UK

Hi Is there a list anywhere of web development agencies that specialise in Drupal in the UK, London especially? I do mean agencies rather than contractors and freelance developers. I know of: Code Positive, Front of Mind, iScene, Enable, 3EV. Thanks James

We're in Bristol

Circle Interactive http://www.circle-interactive.co.uk are not in London but we do quite a lot of work up there - it's quite an easy train trip... so you could add us to your list.
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Agile Drupal team

Drucode is a team of Drupal experts. We are working with startups and well known brands. 

Our website: http://drucode.com/

The team consists of 11 members and most of them are Drupal engineers. 

Our tools: Scrum methodology as an agile framework, git as a version control system, jira as a bug tracker and linux as an OS.

We like to work with people who understand their business and passionate about it. What we can offer is a smart software development team which knows how to build a product.  

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In and out of London a lot

Websesame - www.websesame.com
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HomeMade Digital

We specialise in Drupal, and are in London - http://www.homemadedigital.com We also like to drink tea.
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We're a small specialist Drupal agency in London... www.ndp-studio.com

Adub is in London

Adub is in London. Very small and specialised but we work with some big sites. http://adub.com
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That'll be a useful list

A lot of agencies are ramping up their Drupal skills at the moment, but very specialised Drupal shops are still few and far between. Farez ps. We're based in London (Shoreditch) Redkey | Drupal development | Acquia Silver Partner redkeydigital.com

Midlands-based Drupal development agency

I know this is an old thread but we're a Midlands-based Drupal development agency called Adaptive.



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iNet Digital

Another one...

We're based just outside in London in West Kent. We specilaise completely on Drupal, it's not something we do on the side. Find out more about us and our drupal development.

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Drupal Charity Specialist

Just adding our name to the list - we are a London-based Drupal website design agency with a particular focus on the charity sector. We're called White Fuse Media.

Drupal Agency

Drupal4Business; a development, and hosting company based just outside London,  near M25 (Close to Bluewater), with 2 Data centres in England and 1 in Europe.  We develop and upgrade Drupal (D5,D6 & D7) and Pressflow and E-Commerce sites. We focus on development, deployment  and business / enterprise level hosting. Additionally we can offer Pressflow, Varnish Memcache for performance and resilience, or shared specialist hosting for entry level requirements.
Our client base includes digital agencies, corporate and enterprise businesses, universities, and global financial intuitions plus sole traders, plumber’s merchants and niche social networking sites.  http://www.drupal4business.com 

Drupal agency in Bristol

Just thought I'd add Nameless Digital (www.nameless.co.uk) to the list of Drupalistas. Again, lots of clients in London too, only an hour and forty minutes away on the train, and we'll get 22 minutes closer still once the railway electrification is finished :-)







We specialise in Drupal and work mostly with large NGOs, charities, educational institutions, think tanks and public sector organisations. We're based on a delightful country estate (really!) in Charlbury, not far from Oxford, just over an hour on the train from London where the majority of our clients are based.


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Cameron and Wilding Ltd 100% Drupal

Cameron and Wilding Ltd specialise in the development of Drupal websites. They are based in SE1 and all of their current work is London based, including Mencap, The Nuffield Foundation and a number of large private companies under NDA in the Travel, Music and Publishing sectors.

Founded in late 2009 and with a constantly growing team they are totally focused on doing great Drupal work. Perhaps best known in the Drupal community for running the monthly Beer and Chats.

You can find out more about their work here www.cameronandwilding.com

Ashworth Marketing Ltd

Drupal in Newcastle upon Tyne - Offering web design, development and digital marketing consultancy.

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Drupal agencies in London and UK

oxwebs is very small digital agancy as well as web hostin in London http://www.oxwebs.com

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Deeson Online - Beautiful Drupal

We're a full service Drupal agency, with design, ux, development and strategy in-house. Working solely with Drupal since 2007, we're pretty active in the community, we've designed things like the DrupalCon London site - http://london2011.drupal.org/

Our site is here - http://deeson-online.co.uk/ , come to play with the responsive design and stay for the case studies :-)

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Catch Digital, Drupal specialists in London

Catch is a full service digital agency. We are particularly adept at development using the Drupal framework, and are both an Acquia partner and Drupal Association member.

RAR accredited, we feature in the 50 most successful independent digital agencies in London published in The Drum in 2012.

We specialise in providing the design and technical production of websites and mobile applications for a wide variety of organisations including Scope, Prime Focus, Caterham Cars, Haymarket and Christian Aid.

Having a client roster that includes NMA top 50 agencies, FSA regulated City firms and FMCG brands we offer a no-nonsense transparent approach that underpins everything we do from strategy to design and technology.

Come and say hi at www.catchdigital.com.

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London Drupal Agency - Building Online Communities

BrightLemon.com is located just off the Old Street Roundabout and has been specialing in Drupal development since 2004.

Check our site for more information including case studies and clients we have worked with.






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Susumu in London

Susumu is a Drupal web design and development company based in London. Our most recent Drupal 7 project has been Surrey Hub - www.surreyhub.com

Drupal London agency: Transmission Studios

Transmission is a digital design and development studio with offices in Clapham, South-West London. We have been delivering large scale Drupal projects for clients including Unilever, e-cloth and Paxton & Whitfield for more than 5 years. We work with clients to help communicate their brand and products to customers using the web and mobile. We have experience in internal comms, brand launches and community development.

We are an Acquia partner, allowing us to offer enterprise level Drupal development, hosting and support to our customers, giving them assurance that a project will meet the most demanding commercial requirements for launch and ongoing.

You can read more about the work we have done on our website: www.transmissionstudios.com or phone us on +44 (0) 20 7622 4421.


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Redkey Digital Ltd

Redkey Digital Ltd, based in Shoreditch. We work with startups, NGOs, and large broadcasting companies. Drupal all the way since 2007. Acquia partner. We do everything from strategy to design and build, to hosting and maintenance.


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Creode - London Drupal Agency

Creode is a Digital Media Agency based in Leeds and London. We specialise in Drupal Development and Magento Development.

Take a look at our website to see the work we have done.



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Atchai Digital

We're a digital consultancy and development house in London, specialising in Drupal.  


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London Drupal and SOLR specialists - Axis12

Axis12 are a Central London based Drupal and SOLR consultancy with particular expertise in search, scalability and performance.

We've built some of the larger Drupal sites in the UK, but we also like taking on smaller challenging projects too!


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Maughan Digital - South London Drupal Agency

We are a Drupal agency in London. Our clients include public sector organisations (we are a government approved supplier), charities and a diverse range of private companies.

Our Digital Recipe

Drupal CMS - We use Drupal to create stunning websites that our clients have complete control over.
Responsive Web Design - Our responsive websites offer a great user experience on any device.
Marketing Strategy and Execution - We work with our clients to ensure they're gaining high quality traffic to their website.

We are both an Acquia partner and Drupal Association member.

Please visit: http://www.maughandigital.co.uk/ for more information.

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Agile Collective. People-powered websites.

We're a web development co-operative specalising in Drupal web development for NGO's, Social Enterprises, Co-operatives, Academic & Socially Motivated organisations. Based across the UK in Manchester, Oxford & London we aim to raise the standards and education of open-source technologies and encourage a forward thinking approach to the web. Find out more on http://www.agilecollective.com

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We Make Websites are in London too. Design Led.

Hello. We are in London too. We work solely with Drupal though we do have a separate startup service that uses Squarespace and Shopify also.

  • We make effective, modern, professional websites to specification.
  • We have been featured in Computer Arts magazine, The Bookseller and more. 
  • Our website offers advice with a mailing list of over 1000 subscribers to our content.
  • We do free quotations and our recent work is shown here

Our Thrive service offers our design pedigree at a startup sized price.

We are 'design led' but do a lot of more technical work too. We've been quiet on the drupal.org scene but will be contributing some case studies on how we've used Drupal 7 with our latest clients, and ultimately some more technical contributions also.  

To get in touch with me email alex@wemakewebsites.com

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Microserve - Bristol based Drupal Agency

We are a Drupal Development Agency based in Bristol, although many of our clients are from London. Our key areas are Drupal Development, Training, Hosting and Peer-Reviews, although with a team of 13 developers we have skills in anything web related!

Check out our website to find out more - Microserve Drupal Agency

You can also find us on LinkedIn or follow Microserve Ltd on Twitter

London (Soho) based Drupal agency

We have been building drupal sites for over 5 years and would love to work with you.

See some of our work below:




Call us on 020 7100 2034 if you want to talk through anything!



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Drupal Digital Agency in Leeds, UK

Hi there,

Curve Agency are in Leeds and have a team of seven (as of August 2013) specialising in Drupal development and theming.

Check out their growing list of in-depth Drupal case studies and their Drupal-focussed blog.


acem- Thanks for this thread

acem- Thanks for this thread ;) 

Drupal Agency based in London

FIT is a digital agency based in London and can handle all type of Drupal builds including E-commerce.



Please al check this agency

Please also check this agency www.identitystudio.eu

Quite cheap one.

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Netstudio UK is the UK branch

Netstudio UK is the UK branch of Netstudio.gr, a 10-year web design and web development agency in Athens, Greece specialising in Drupal. https://www.netstudio.co.uk

We just started in the UK and actually we're in search of sales representatives across the UK.

Fortune Infotech

Fortune Infotech is Best Wining Web Development Company in London, UK. Fortune Infotech offer a wide range of service includes professional web Development.

More Info: Fortune Infotech

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Turtlereality South of England Web Design

We deal with companies all around the South of England - it's not such a big place! We deal exclusively with Drupal, Drupal Commerce and CiviCrm.

Our web site is here - http://turtlereality.co.uk/

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OMdesIGN London

OMdesIGN is a website design and web development studio based in London. We have been building bespoke, modern, professional drupal websites since 2010. 

Check our site for more information including latest projects and clients we have worked with www.omdesign.co.uk

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Walden O'Neill, Drupal specialists, London

We are a new full service agency founded in Feb 2015 specialising in Drupal with everything we do focussed on delivering the best user experience: http://www.waldenoneill.com/

Mike D and I have worked in top 10 agencies for 15+ years before starting Walden O'Neill, we are Aquia partners and have an enterprise high availability (HA) environment that we can provide for our clients and partners at a very reasonable price.

Get in touch or look at the case studies on our site if you would like to find out more (excuse our WordPress theme, will be on Drupal ASAP!), we have a very exciting project launching in March that will feature on our site then.

Mike G

Drupal programmer available for challenging projects

Drupal programmer available for challenging projects. I have worked with Drupal 6, 7 with Drupal commerce, Rules & Actions get in touch www.drupalprogrammer.co.uk

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Zodiac Media - London Drupal development agency

Zodiac Media are a small Drupal development agency based in Stockwell, South London.

We've been in business since 2013 and in that time we've worked on a number of Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 sites. Our clients have ranged from small businesses and NGOs all the way up to multinational companies and UK government organisations.

Being small our costs are low and so are our day rates. There is no compromise in website development quality though as our web developers are all degree educated and have decades of web development experience between them. The quality of our website development skills is demonstrated in our portfolio of websites we’ve worked on.

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AGILE Drupal Production and CI Deployment

Web Application Builds for over 15years Drupal over 6 years Drupal 5,6 and 7 experience

My linkedIn profile page https://vn.linkedin.com/in/bobby-endarr-c-ramdin-9ab55716

The DRUPAL AGILE Team is approx 50 experts
Drupal CMS SaaS Solutions Architecture (best practices)
IA UX Research, Development and Design
Art workers and digital designers
Account Managers
Business Analysts
Product Owners
Project Managers
SCRUM Masters
Drupal Dev's - Drupal best practices
UI Dev's -Drupal best practices

Amazon Cloud Deployment

Headless Drupal 7 if you require and Native IO with AngularsJS and IONIC
Mobile web, web TV like Lufthansa inflight entertainment solution built with Drupal

We use CI continous integration with tools like Jenkins and of course GIT

Hi, I'm not in London, not even based in the UK but have gathered an incredible team here where I am in Hanoi Vietnam. my webiste is www.webinmotion.co.uk 

I can offer incredible savings as you can imagine. I have just started a facebook page for my organisation https://www.facebook.com/webinmotion
my email is bobby.ramdin@webinmotion.co.uk
my skype, please add me, bobby.ramdin
I'm about half a day ahead of you in UK, so your morning session is my mid-afternoon time, you can call VN 01235 728752 

Other large companies taking advantage of the highly skilled workforce here in the East are Microsoft who manufacture there mobile phones, and also Samsung who are building the largest research and innovation center here in Hanoi, interests have been Google recently, to name drop a couple!

I can offer Drupal Developer at 20.00GBP per hour 180 per day. minumum 10days. Price is really negoitable dependant on project of course, I can also offer some Trial run, for the cautious type. I have 3 backend devs and 5 front end experts at your ready for Drupal Development. 

Typically prototypes done in a few days dependant on depth, we can wireframe with Drupal or tools like Axure with nice UI effects, to procure a more viable User Experience

I myself have been head of tech in London and found it difficult to work with outsourcing, however I'm here at the production end to make sure things are done correctly and to the level of which we expect in the UK market 

Look forward to hearing from you


Root Info Solutions - A Team of Drupal Specialist

You can look forward to Root Info Solutions. The company is situated in London, UK in close proximity to Heathrow Airport. The company is headed by Shekhar Juneja who himself is a Drupal expert with over 18-years of experience. Don’t go by mere words. Here are live projects built in Drupal only. 

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A lot has been already added,

A lot has been already added, but citing the growing demands of Drupal development services, the more is merrier. Root Info Solutions, based in London in close proximity to Heathrow Airport is a reliable company that offers onshore as well as offshore development services. 


Headquarters: London, UK

Founder & CEO: Shekhar Juneja

No. of projects: 500

Tenure in Industry: 12+ 

No. of Employees: 50+

Websites: rootinfosol.com, rootinfosol.co.uk

Check below some Drupal projects done by the company


Hypori Website


This is for an IT company that caters to the needs of businesses and enterprises to help them drive collaboration and workforce efficiency. The website helps the company to reach out to the target audiences. 


Visit: http://www.hypori.com/




musiCircuit Website


The responsive website brings together  music composers, i.e. musicians and bands, with their lovers on one platform. Thus, it makes the brand highly accessible from anywhere, anytime.





simply-communicate.com Website



This is an abode of strategic business information including a wide range of articles, case-studies and reports pertaining to different sectors. The website receives behemoth traffic to the tune of 21 ,000 every month. 





Strand of Silk e-Commerce 



Haven’t thought that Drupal can serve the e-Commerce needs? You might be wrong. Here is one for a UK-based retailer that markets contemporary menswear and womenswear clothes, accessories and jewelleries.






 Abid Website


This is dedicated to the stakeholders of our client who is into the finance sector. Website Users can submit loan request, track their progress and officials responsible for approving them can collaborate and take the right decison on them. 




Global Education Partnership UK


The website helps the firm to strike a chord with the target audiences, viz., students, educators and professionals from healthcare and much more.