Drupal Surrey Meetup in Guildford

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Mon, 08/02/2010 - 19:00 - 22:00

Join us in Guildford for another meetup of Surrey UK drupal group on Monday 8th February 2010 (7pm onwards). Hoping there's no snow/ice this time!

All levels of Drupal experience welcome. George Abbott pub, Guildford, car parking and 5 mins walk from train station. Last time we found the tables at the south end of the pub were best for conversation.



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I'll be there...

Please add me to the list of hopeful attendees! As long as i get my car back from the garage ill be there as close to 7 as poss.

Who else will be there?

Is there an agenda or formal element to it, or is it just a beer and social event?

More feedback from previous meets would be appreciated.


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Hi Cliff, look forward to

Hi Cliff, look forward to seeing you there.  No agenda or formality, the group is too young for that!  It's beer, social, but also at the first meeting I got lots of useful tips about Drupal.  That was back in November, when half a dozen of us got together.

The second meeting, last month, I was snowed in, we could do with more reports, though I do know the meeting was attended!  :)

This time I'll bring a camera along (pics or it didn't happen!).  But anyone camera-shy, don't worry, I'll respect wishes on that.

Longer term plans are vague and of course depend on what people want.  Personally I'd be in favour of the kind of meeting where one or two people give short talks and then we adjourn to a nearby pub afterwards.  But that not only depends on what people want, but availability of a suitable venue.  And volunteers who like giving short talks! :)

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Any more?

Great, thanks for that John - let's see how it goes.

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Can I ask - is this just a

Can I ask - is this just a gathering of Drupal enthusiasts?...  Or will there be recruiters there like the Drupal London Square Pig meets?

Only ask as I'm looking for a more local job (currently living in Alton, Hants and working in Wood Lane, London) my daily commute isn't fun...

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I'm not aware of any

I'm not aware of any recruiters yet.  Yes, a commute like that doesn't sound fun. 

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Sorry i missed out..

Hi John and others.. apologies i couldnt make it on Monday as planned.. i only got my car back from the garage this morning so ive been  unable to make a few appointments.

What did i miss? Is there another meet planned?


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Sorry we missed you!

Hi Cliff!  Glad you got the car fixed.  We welcomed another new face (hi Mark!), but we didn't cause too much of a riot in the pub.  I'm sure they'd welcome us back again!

The next meet, that's a good question.  I'd like us to get into a routine, that way people can pop it in their diaries, meets so far have all been the 2nd Monday of the month.  But perhaps we need to reconsider our venue and the style of meeting.  I've tried to kick this off in the forum here, perhaps you can have a look and add your own thoughts?  And same request to everyone else, of course, regardless of whether you've been to a meet or might consider one in the future.  Or even find the very idea repulsive!!

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Hi John - need to clarify - i wasnt suggesting hiring a venue or paying for facilities - they are available FREE! but if it proves necessary at a later date to pay for extra facilities e.g. a private pre-booked meeting room with presentation extras and so on then that could also be accommodated.

A regular venue is often best. Personally, id be very happy with Silvermere, despite the travel!





Anyone interested in more meetups?

Hi John (and everyone else),

It's a while a ago now, but do people still meet up in Surrey for Drupal meetups? I'm based in Guildford if that helps. It would be good to try to reignite this thread and pool together ideas and learn about what other Drupalites are doing in the area. I'm heading to Drupalcon in August so it would be good to meet up before then.

If anyone is interested, please say aye! Pub? Meeting room somewhere? Any other ideas?


Barry (www.reallifedesign.co.uk)

New Drupalista in town

Hello everyone!,

I have recently moved to Guildford, and I will be very interesting in attending Drupal meetups. Please let me know if you need a hand with anything you need to organize them.