Drupal Surrey Meetup in Guildford (our 2nd)

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Mon, 11/01/2010 - 19:00 - 22:00

Join us in Guildford for the second meetup of Surrey UK drupal group on Monday 11th January 2010 (7pm onwards). If you missed our successful first meeting in November, here's a chance to catch up!

All levels of Drupal experience welcome. George Abbott pub, Guildford, car parking and 5 mins walk from train station. Last time we found the tables at the south end of the pub were best for conversation.



Opposite the white house

Only started developing with Drupal this week and there is a Surrey meet up on Monday. Fantastic!

Fingers crossed that the snow doesn't scupper my plans!

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Snow :(

Yes, the George Abbott is just across from the White House pub.  Though I imagine most things around there are white at present!

Hopefully there are brave souls who will attend, but myself, living in a rural location, I'm currently trying not to venture even 10 yards from my front door, much less the 10 miles to Guildford.  A pity -- I enjoyed the previous meeting and was looking forward to this one.

See you next month, I guess 2nd Monday of the month is the pattern, unless a better idea is proposed.

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re: Snow

Sorry you won't be able to come, John. I'll still be popping along if anyone else can make it.

See you there,


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Thaw on the way?

I've just stepped outside and I'm amazed at how mild it is.  Maybe I should keep an open mind about attending.

Great choice of photo, Mick!

Great Second Meet

This was another great successful meet for the Surrey Group. Some New faces a lot learn't and some valid sugestions about how the group can progress.

One such sugestion was to have an irc channel. What do others think of this?


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There's already a drupaluk IRC channel, it's not that busy (yet!) that it needs splintering into more local channels IMHO.

Hi Robert That is great news

Hi Robert 

That is great news is that on freenode or blitzed irc networks. 

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Freenode #drupaluk

Another call out to any Drupal fans/devs out there

Hi all,

I'm hoping to reignite some Guildford based Drupal momentum!! Is anyone intersted in regular meets?

I've just posted a message on my blog to see if I can gather some people: http://reallifedesign.co.uk/articles/calling-all-drupal-fans-near-guildford

I'd love to hear back from anyone.

All the best,


New Here

Hi! I'm new and so as my learning is. Do you guys have a url where I can improve my skills in using drupal. I'll appreciate it if its more of the step by step. Thanks. <a href="http://www.allweekwalls.com"> room divider nyc </a>


Drupal resources


I've left a comment on your post about learning drupal here:


Let us know how you get on. I noticed your web site indicates that you're from NYC. Have you looked here? http://groups.drupal.org/new-york-city

Barry (Real Life Design)