DrupalCamp Bristol

Sat, 27/03/2010 - 09:00 - 18:00


An opportunity for developers, designers and Drupal evangelists to meet and discuss the latest developments in the Drupal world.

Taking place in the lovely SiftGroups offices, we will have a selection of talks and demonstrations throughout the day with FREE pizza and refreshments to keep us all going.

Kicking off at 10am, Saturday, 27th March ... and did we mention it’s totally FREE!

Capacity is limited, so sign up now!

For the latest updates follow us @ http://twitter.com/SiftGroupsLabs

SiftGroups, Bridge House, 48-52 Baldwin Street, Bristol, BS1 1QB.
DrupalCamp Bristol


:) happy days! Do we need to

:) happy days! Do we need to get tickets or anything or do we just turn up on the day? Also is this a regualr thig in Bristol?

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Sounds good, I'll be

Sounds good, I'll be interested in coming along and finding out about Drupal. Thanks.

Bristol DrupalCamp - sign up required as capacity is limited :)

We will be asking everyone to sign up to the event as capacity is limited, but just to confirm, it's completely free!

And yes, if it goes well and there's enough interest we would definitely like to make it a regular event.

We're just getting the final details together, along with a sign up form, so watch this space!

Happy days :)

Happy days :)

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Looking forward to it.


I am interested. How do I sign up?

Sign up form now up

Sign up form now up - http://www.siftgroups.com/form/sign-drupalcamp

Look forward to seeing you there!


I've never seen drupal before

I've never seen drupal before but am interested in seeing it and what can be done with it. Is it likely to go over my head? Thanks (EDIT: and I believe i've posted a new topic instead of replying... oops)

The plan is to start the day off gently

Hi Richard,

The plan is to start the day off gently, with a 'What is Drupal' talk/demo and then moving on to case studies and what has been and can be done with Drupal. The afternoon will go into more specific topics but hopefully there will be something for everyone :)

What's your background?


Thanks for the reply. My

Thanks for the reply. My background is mainly in obscure programming languages such as PowerBuilder with a short period doing HTML/OS, though I do some 'web' work too. I just thought it would be a good opportunity to see what else is out there :)

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Any event promoting Drupal is good thing, so it's great that SiftGroups has organised this Bristol meetup - I'm wondering if calling it a 'DrupalCamp' is accurate though?

There's no exact definition of what a DrupalCamp is, but one basic requirement is that it should be organised by and feature presentations by the local Drupal community. Is anyone not from or associated with SiftGroups involved in this event?

There are quite a few Drupal people and organisations based in Bristol, e.g. Enable Interactive, Circle Interactive, MicroServe and I'm hoping they've been invited to present.


Anyone can present at the

Anyone can present at the event and we are encouraging people to do so. We have 6 scheduled sessions avialable, along with BoF sessions, and it would be great if we can get those filled ASAP so I can send out a schedule out to everyone. I'm currently talking to various people this weekend to try and get a schedule of some kind sorted.

The idea for this DrupalCamp is to involve as many people as possible and promote Drupal in the South West. It's always good to get people who are passionate about something into one room. The other aim of this DrupalCamp is to gauge interested from the local community to see if there is a need for further DrupalCamps in Bristol and also start getting the Bristol Drupal community together.

The trouble is that there's been a lot of 'talk' about a Drupal community in the South West but no one actually doing anything. I've had enough of waiting for other people so I've taken the lead here and got something up and running, and with the help of others we doing something in space of less than 4 weeks. I would also like to point out that SiftGroups are giving us this space for FREE where we would otherwise have to pay for a venue for a day :)

Hope that clears it up :)



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Cool, it wasn't clear from the original announcement that that was the case, and I just wanted to make sure it wasn't a cynical marketing exercise for a single company using the word DrupalCamp. 

Have you found some presenters?

If there was more notice I would have volunteered, but already booked on something else that day.

All signed up, see you there

All signed up, see you there

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DrupalCamp Bristol

Heard lots of good things about DrupalCamp Bristol - kudos to Lee for organising it.

Thanks Lee

cheers Lee, good for someone to finally sort something out. Was a great event with some good talks. . . . looking foward to another one . . .

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Hi Lee,

Thanks for organising the Drupal event, found it most useful. When will the presentation slides be up?

Many Thanks.

I hope Leroy will publish all

I hope Leroy will publish all slides, in the meantime, you can find my security presentation here: http://www.dynamiteheads.com/blog/jakub-suchy/drupal-security-slides-drupalcamp-bristol

I'm still waiting for a

I'm still waiting for a couple of slides, but I'll put the ones that I have up this weekend.

It has been great to hear so many positive comments about DrupalCamp Bristol, and it was great to see so many people involved. In total, we had 42 people attend the event, 8 talks by 7 different people.

Thanks again to everyone who came and a big thanks to those who presented a talk.

Cheers, Lee