Event: Practical Drupal for Small NGOs

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Fri, 06/11/2009 - 18:30 - 21:00

[UPDATE]  - sorry the date is Friday, 6/Nov. I previously set the date wrong! (I hate those calendars with Monday in the leftmost column!)

The first Practical Drupal for Small NGOs event will take place at Royal Festival Hall. If you are an NGO, you need to have received an invitation to attend this event. If you are a volunteer, just come over! Please RSVP here.

We'll be sitting in the left corner of the level 2 (when facing the stage). I'll be wearing a lime-green Drupalcon Paris T-shirt. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Important - NGOs, please bring your (fully-charged) laptop if you have one! If you don't please let me know and I'll try to bring a spare or two.

Level 2, Royal Festival Hall, The South Bank, London


I would like to join

Hi Guys

I have recently started to work with drupal and I would like to joing the surrey group as I am living in guildford.would some one please give me some information on what is going on regarding the meetings?



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Recollections of the first Royal Festival Hall event

Friday 6th December 2009 was a strangely surreal day.

I spent the morning in a Wolverhampton radio studio, fronting a food and drink programme that included a feature on sausage-tasting and an interview with Debbie McGee: sausage judge and wife of magician Paul Daniels. Next stage was in Birmingham for a few hours in the office, before catching a pleasantly quiet train down to the Big City.

It’s always refreshing to visit London: easy transport (off-peak), interesting buildings as you walk around the city, and the sport that can be had by being unreasonably cheerful to the locals. Smiling and waving at the drivers who stopped for you at a zebra crossing is particularly rewarding, perhaps checking a shopping list or adjusting bags part-way across for extra effect.

Sausages, work, train, first experience of eating in Wagamama, then inside the Royal Festival Hall to find the Drupal Brigade. It was at the end of the first lap of the Hall that I realised I had no way of contacting anyone and no phone numbers. Seconds later I spotted Mori’s green Drupal T-shirt and all was well.

I’ve never really got anywhere with Drupal. I’d found a web hosting company where Drupal installation is automatic, so it was easy to get a site live, but the next bit eluded me. I don’t find it instinctive software. I’d been to a few Drupal presentations where you see impressive sites that experts have made, but otherwise I felt as well equipped as someone who want to drive a car but only knows how to put petrol into it.

The workshop was an ideal starting point, thanks to Mori and my Drupal personal trainer Shawn. A chance to talk through websites I thought Drupal might suit, discuss modules that might be useful, then watch Shaun set up a site from scratch and install a few modules. This was all done to a backdrop of symphonic music from across the public area, which seemed fine for such a non-standard day.

Time ran out quickly and I soon had to get my train back to the Frozen North, but I left with a better understanding of what I need to do with Drupal and some tips on what to do next. I’m hoping I can get to the January meeting and yes it is worth the trouble of getting there.