Jquery For Drupal (DrupalCon London pre-conference training)

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Mon, 22/08/2011 - 09:00 - 17:00

Wizzlern will be presenting a full day of training on Monday 22nd August (9AM - 5PM) at Croydon College, just next door to the conference venue.

In recent years, jQuery has become the standard tool for a great user experience. This course will explain how jQuery and Drupal work together and will teach you how you can make best use of it to enhance your site.

The course consists of a mix of explanation, demonstration and hands-on exercises so you'll finish the day with an understanding of how Drupal core and contributed modules use jQuery and also the ability to use your own effects in custom modules and themes.

For more information and to register please see: http://london2011.drupal.org/page/jquery-drupal

 jQuery for Drupal costs £325 + VAT for the full day



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jQuery is great, it lets you quickly write JavaScript behaviours and be fairly confident that it will work across most browsers. Guys from Wizzlern really know their stuff and have many years experience of doing Drupal training, so this should be good.