London Drupal Coworking meetup #LDC30

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Tue, 03/03/2015 - 10:00 - 17:00

Just another London Drupal Coworking day.

Drupal freelancer? Drupal professional? Drupal micro / small business owner? RSVP now for this London Drupal Coworking day at PEER 1 Hosting office's in central London.  Just a Drupal novice, no problem: come and spend a day learning with us - you'll be made most welcome.

Spaces for the day are intentionally limited, so RSVP early.  If you're unfortunately too late and all the spaces have gone make sure you get on the waiting list - we're mostly freelancers, and there's always last minute churn ;-)

Still unsure what Drupal Coworking is? Need more details before you book? Check out the groups website:

Please ensure you book on

#London #Drupal #Coworking #Learning

PEER 1 Hosting, on Waterloo Bridge
07970 614 342


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missed out! put myself on the

missed out! put myself on the waiting list :)