Making the switch to Drupal: The developer's view

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Mon, 22/08/2011 - 09:00 - 17:00

Acquia will be giving a one-day course on Monday 22 August 2011 (9am to 5pm) at Croydon College at DrupalCon London. This is an excellent opportunity for web developers, who are new to Drupal, to learn about Drupal 7.

There will be presentation, discussion and hands-on activities where developers will reverse-engineer and augment a Drupal site. You will learn about site building, module development, theme development, essential tools for site maintenance and about Drupal's structure. 

If you are new to Drupal and are experienced in web development in languages such as PHP, Java, or .NET, and knowledgeable about HTML and CSS then this course is for you!

For a detailed course description and to register, please visit

Fee for this full day course: £250 + VAT


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