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I spoke to Duncan Davidson from the Scottish Drupal Association and they basically grabbed the constituion from the Irish Association and tweaked it slightly from them. They looked into the legal requirements of an association and popped them into the constitution, so it seems like a good starting point.

I've copied their document into a google doc:

Feel free to make comments and suggest alterations here. We'll also need to incorporate changes from the discussion in this forum into that document of course, or use a completely different document. Given people's reaction to suggesting that they would be allowed to edit something via google docs, I'll just sidestep the issue entirely, you can't edit the document. Say in this thread what you think should change, and we'll discuss it. I'm not trying to have crazy influence over the document, suggest something here, and I'll add it. Also, you are also totally free to ignore this document and use something else.

Some interesting points in the documnet though:

  • Membership is defined as membership of a webite, and is free, no subscriptions etc.
  • They have a board of 7 members, three of whom are 'special'.


This is about these goals:

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Like sports clubs

This seems very good to me (actually reminds me of the set up of the majority of sports clubs that I have been involved with). How would we go forward with getting a committee sorted? Would it be best to call some elections within the next month (for example) and after people are ratified then they can go about getting more stuff sorted (with the mandate of the community that is). As I would assume that to get a bank account etc. it would need a treasurer/chairperson/secretary already?

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Good research, thanks Steve.

I'll post a few suggested edits here, one per comment to make it easier to discuss.

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2.1. To promote the use of Drupal as the web content management system of choice in the UK.

We could generalise this more as Drupal should also be promoted as a framework, user management system, services application, etc.

Suggest: "To promote the use of Drupal in the UK."

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"4.4 Officers and Ordinary Members may be removed from office before the completion of their term only by a two-thirds majority vote of those present at a General Meeting of the Association."

If there are 7 people and a two thirds majority is needed then that translates as at least 4 votes out of 6 to remove someone, as the person being voted out doesn't get a vote?

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Casual Vacancies

"4.8 Casual vacancies on the Committee shall be filled by co-option."

What does this mean?