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Was: DrupalCon London Concept Challenge

After discussions with organisers of previous DrupalCons, the DrupalCon London team has decided that it will be more effective to change the concept challange to a call for volunteers for a design and marketing team, and the use the team to generate material.

We need to hold off from publicising this until after DrupalCon Copenhagen, as we don't want to take any attention away from the current DrupalCon. At the moment we're busy defining what roles the team needs, and what criteria we're going to use to select applicants.

If you're interested in getting involved please post a quick comment here and you'll be notified when we make the announcement.


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Our draft

We had quite a bit of debate about whether there should be a strapline, if so what it should be and whether London should be weighted visually heavier than DrupalCon. We finished the debate by saying, let’s get some community feedback!

The idea is that this core concept would be tweaked and then fleshed out with some supporting assets etc.

Our creative reasoning -

London is famous the world over for its architecture and so it seems fitting that Druplicon incorporates the most well known icon of them all: ‘Big Ben’. Coupled with the Union Jack flag’s distinctive design who could mistake 2011’s DrupalCon as being anything other than British?

Feedback welcome!



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Very nice

Very nice work - excellent use of Big Ben on the forehead!

Apologies for changing the concept challange after you've submited an entry, hope you'll consider volunteering for the design and marketing team.

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It did occur to me when we

It did occur to me when we were working on it at that it needs to evolve with some feedback, might make more sense done via a permanent team.

Yes, we'd be happy to volunteer, we have both design and dedicated marketing resources available.

Happy to help with other aspects too.


Head on over to Drupalcon UK

Over on http://www.drupalcon.org.uk/public/blog we've posted a list of roles. That's the place to tell us if you are still interested.

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Bit slow off the mark, but we'd be up for getting involved!

Drupalcon UK organisation site is the place to go

Have a look at http://www.drupalcon.org.uk/public/blog. We've posted a bunch of roles we need to fill. We'd love your help.