Midday Wed 6th Oct is closing date for some key Drupalcon UK 2011 roles

For key roles, which need the vision of one person rather than a committee, the closing date for expressing your interest in the role is Midday Wed 6th Oct. For those roles, we'll engage those expressing interest in discussion to make the choice.

The vast majority of roles can be shared and that's what we prefer. These aren't subject to this deadline, but once the deadline has passed we'll start slotting people into roles that they have volunteered for.

If you come late to the party, there is still place for you to help. Tell us at the Drupalcon UK blog.


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Most roles are still open - please apply if interested

Just to clarify, we are still seeking volunteers for all roles, except the Creative Director role. 
The roles are listed at this link: http://www.drupalcon.org.uk/public/blog
If you would like to put yourself forward, please post a comment against the role(s) you are interested in.
Looking forward to a successful Drupalcon :-)