Successful first meeting of Drupal Surrey UK!

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Yesterday was our first meeting, six of us gathering, a rather successful mix of amateurs and pros interested in Drupal.  We moved to the southern end of the George Abbot to get some peace, away from the noise of the TVs, so we could all have a good natter (bringing a compass to the next meeting isn't obligatory!).  We broke up around 9.30pm.

When shall we have the next meeting?  December 7th?  Or shall we get Christmas over with and make it January 11th? Indicate your preference in the comments please!



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Thanks John for organising

Thanks John for organising the evening. It was good to meet everyone. It's cool to find out what others are doing with Drupal. Dec is looking pretty manic at the minute, so 11 Jan gets my vote for another get together.



Missed the event

Hi all,

It looks like I missed the last meet up by a week or so. I'm a Drupal developer and it would be good to meet some other Drupal-heads locally.

I could possibly make January 11th, so I'll have to check back for updates on this post.

Good to see a Drupal Surrey group!


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Let's make it Monday Jan 11th

Hi Mick and Barry,

Good to meet you last time Mick, sorry you missed it Barry.  Yes, December does get rather full, let's make the next one Jan 11th at the George Abbott again, 7pm onwards.

Nice website, Barry!