Venue for the next meet up

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HI folks it was great to meet everybody last night, I mentioned the possibility to get hold of a nice venue with wifi etc, I can confirm we can have access to the St Andrews House on St Andrews St in Norwich ( for the next meet up… looking at the calendar a month from now is the 6th of April... So if people are happy for that to be the next meetup date I will go ahead and finalise the booking, let me know. (I will post this to the FB page too)



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I have booked St Andrews House, for wednesday April the 6th. 7-9

There is free wifi, and we will have access to the projection set up. Would be nice to have a casual show & tell, have a look at peoples sites, or interesting projects/modules etc...

We can go on to the pub... there are at least three in stumbling distance... Delaneys, The Dog House, The Play House... The Rumsey Wells.

nb: there is no food available at this venue :( if anybody wishes to sponsor... ;)!/event.php?eid=184019191642375

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Hi Karren, well done on getting a venue.

Suggest posting this as an Event so it will display on the events block.