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Hi All - Long time software developer turning my hand to Drupal here. I have a client who is currently running a static site on a £30/year shared server. Does anyone have any recommendations for a cheapish (say ~£100/year, at that price probably shared) host that will run Drupal 5? Many thanks, Andrew
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Clook are fantastic, I've

Clook are fantastic, I've got a virtual server hosting over 20 sites with them. I've tried many hosts in my time & clook easily beats all of them. They don't offer telephone support (which I was nervous about at first), but they get back to your support tickets within minutes and don't bullshit when you need clear answers. *NOTE: They are currently not accepting new orders due to a systems upgrade (which hasn't affected the service in any way) though should be accepting new customers in the next few days. P.S. I'm not affiliated to them in any way.


UKShells basic Linux account gives you all the building blocks you need to run Drupal - I got Save the Huts up and running on a new account there within a few days. You can find them at UK Shells Cheers, m-t.
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Inexpensive and highly rated

Drupal hosting at less than 40 quid a year (plus free domain) at :
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this link now forwards to a

this link now forwards to a us based hosting company

Also are

Also are worth a look. Superb customer service. Check out the testimonials section on their "community" support site.


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Hosting Provider

Any more recommendations I am looking for an inexpensive hosting provider for my personal Drupal site and maybe a few other smaller ones. I am with Adept Hosting but having problems with any response from their support at the moment so looking to move.

Question: is this how to choose? PHP Configuration?

Just asking another question: does a shared server's PHP Configuration link from the control panel give enough information to say whether it can run Drupal? I use one server which is geared for speed and says "32M". I use other servers which are free but slow and say "128M". The slow ones can probably load Drupal 7 at a pinch but not for earning a living; the fast one seems unable to load the thing at all.

This is a slightly different question because I am looking for minimal support but a reasonable or good server speed and a reasonable ability to host drupal 7 with various modules and such which is possibly a contradiction: if a shared server allows each customer to use loads of memory, maybe they will be slow.


Try Hotdrupal

I have no useful technical knowlege. I use hotdrupal for the small(ish) sites I am involved in managing eg


Good response times for end users, responsive service, no real problems over a period of 4 years.  As a non-technical type I take great comfort in being with a drupal-centril hosting provider. I think they do what it says on the tin. When I have used a developer, they have made positive comments about the site.  Not the cheapest but it only requires one hair-tearing experience to completely outweigh that.

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Thanks for help. Any servers in the UK?

Thanks for Hotdrupal recommendation - at a minimum of US$10 a month they look a good option for a lot of people. I'm a skinflint based in the UK so if they have a speed of delivery to the UK to match that price (or servers in the UK basically) that would be great.

Technical support is not an issue; a server with next to zero technical support but loads of server speed and memory would be ideal. Given that I made a loss last year selling goods on low margins, a server with mediocre speed and just enough memory might be even better if cheap.

Any more shouts welcome.


PS Good luck to Empty Homes Network site in the UK that you mentioned. Is it on the cheapest tariff?

EHN tariff

No it's on the 2nd cheapest (=plus package)  though I do run another little site off the same package.  Since I started with hotdrupal what you get for the money has come down rather dramatically. So I think for the Plus package you now get 3 databases, whereas we got 5 when we started and still do have; similar applies to numbers of sub-domains. I don't know how much the UK location of servers matters. Opinions seem to vary (there's a thread on it somewhere).  They are in N. Carolina.  It works OK for me is all I can say.